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Here we have compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions about the app: 


How to become a Coinmaster Group partner of the app?


You want to become an official partner of the CM Help App as admin of your Coinmaster group?

Please contact Oliver Schaub or Andre Köhler.

We will discuss all requirements with you.



Do I need to be registered / logged in to the page to download the app?


To install the CM Help app on your Android phone, you do not need to register or log in.
This feature is only available for team members of the app.
To install it on your phone, simply click on the download graphic and the download will start automatically.



Is this app also available for IOS / IPhone?


Unfortunately, this app is currently only available for Android devices. If you own an IPhone and still want to use this app, you have possibility to use it on your laptop and/or home PC via various emulators that you can find on the net.

Here is a small selection of different emulators for your PC:



Why don't I get push notifications or wrong messages?


This can have several reasons. We have tried to give you a few possible reasons here:

  • You have disabled the app's push notification
  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to the Apps section.
  3. Here, go to the app for which you want to turn off push notifications.
  4. Scroll down to the App settings section.
  5. Here you will find the Notifications option.
  6. Slide the slider at Show notifications to the left.
  7. You will no longer receive popups from this app on your screen. To be informed about news, you need to open the app.
  8. Alternatively, in the Categories section, turn off only certain push notifications from this app.
  • I get a push notification for an event that is not available for me

Under certain circumstances, it is possible that you receive a notification that, for example, Reward Madness is currently running, but this is not visible to you. This is due to the fact that Coinmaster makes this type of "events" partly strongly account dependent and is available on one account and not on the other. But we have no influence on it.

  • Despite the event I get no notification or much too late.
  1. See point -> "You have disabled the app's push notification".
  2. It can also happen that you don't get a notification about an event, even though all settings in your phone are correct, but normally you are always notified. This is simply because we have a push team, but they also have a private life and support the whole voluntary and therefore can not be 24/7 in the game and every event always "get" in time.
  3. The same as in point 2 also applies if a push notification arrives to the event but delayed. Say Event starts e.g. at 18:00 clock but you get a message at 18:30 clock.


The app does not download in Chrome?


The main reason is a problem when downloading an APK file in the Android Chrome browser. Once some tabs are open, it does not redirect them to download accordingly, but to a page you have already loaded in the tab / cache memory. To solve the problem just close all corresponding tabs in Chrome browser before or watch this installation video.



Is the CM Help app free?


The CM Help App is free and will continue to be provided to you free of charge.

But we appreciate your donations. We don't want to enrich ourselves with your donations, we only use them to cover server and programming costs.

So if you like our work and you want to continue supporting this project, we are very grateful for any donation.

Just use the donate button on this website or in our app.



Why do I get a virus message after installing?


Under certain circumstances, you may receive a message when installing the app for the first time:

"Upload app for scanning"

Scan App

For more information on Google Play Protect, get here.

All our versions are tested before official upload via to remove any doubt.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3


Important notes before using the Speeder!


The use of the speeder is at your own risk. It is hereby a bot and is therefore prohibited under the terms and conditions of Coin Master.

If you use the speeder like millions of others then do yourself a favor and leave the fingers to write to the support. If they check you are faster away from the window as you like.

A speeder runs in parallel with the open app Coin Master. You can set a speed how fast the app Coin Master should run.

Find out if you do not know what Speeder are!

The following applies to multiple accounts:

The most important thing is, you must not use the Facebook APP, but you must start the Internet browser, search in Google search for Facebook and display the home page of Facebook. Here you must then log in all your Facebook profiles. Once the profiles are all created, you log into one of the Pofiles. This is then the active Facebook profile. If you now start the speeder, then the speeder is connected to the active FB profile. If you want to register a 2nd profile, you log out of the 1st profile and into the 2nd and then start the 2nd speeder. With all other Speeder is proceeded in the same way.

Tip 1: Who would like to download the Speeder with Google Chrome, we advise, download another Internet browser. Chrome makes - if you do not know certain tricks - problems.

Tip 2: When installing the Speeder it is enough if you deactivate his "Google Chrome", then comes when logging in the Speeder with the Facebook profile the normal known input mask for email address and password. After that you can enable Google Chrome again.

Tip 3: If the problem occurs "login error" deactivates the Facebook APP.



Why can't I download speeders within the app?


If you have problems downloading our speeders via InApp in the CM Help App, simply deactivate this function in the settings. So you can download our speeders normally via browser.
‼️ However, we only recommend deactivating this function in the event of problems, as some browsers could have problems with it or the download is designed for InApp ‼️


Why am I asked for an Amazon Appstore update after updating the speeder with version 3.5.XXX?


The latest version of the speeder must be installed only after uninstalling the old version of the speeder ‼️



Why do I have to uninstall previous speeders first and can't just update them?


Because we made some changes to the speeder to make it compatible with all devices from Android 7 and higher (HMS and Google), including Android emulators for PC ‼️



Speeder gets stuck at 99%. What do I have to do?


The problem is that Coinmaster now stores all data such as villages, trade data, etc. in your cache memory in the cell phone.

You will notice that the cache is several MB in size.

Therefore it may hang the first few times! But this should run smoothly after the 2nd or 3rd restart.

Therefore, have a little patience and wait up to 1 minute if it should hang at 99%.

Furthermore, it is best to start the first time in the Wifi.



I have questions / problems with the speeder or the help app? Who can help me?


If your speeder have problems or problems with the CM Help APP please use the respective posts in the group or create your own post.

Please understand that we can not answer every matter by PN! The effort for this is unfortunately no longer feasible in terms of time!

Please therefore the following procedure for questions about this.

For questions and problems, please use post in CMF group:


What are Viking Speeder?


Some of you are probably wondering what Viking Speeder are?

With this type of speeders it is possible to "save" the earned Viking event and then redeem it in the next event.

To do this, simply close the game before accepting the reward.

In the next Viking event, you can then collect this earned reward.

In short, you just save it and pick up the reward when you need it!

However, we do not take any responsibility for the wiki bank version, as this can lead to warnings and bans. Therefore use at your own risk!



What's the deal with the loud/quiet buttons on the Speeder?


In the new Speeder there is a so-called loud / quiet button function.

But what does that mean for you?

LOUD button:

👉 With this button you end the game.

SILENT button:

👉 With this button you minimize the game (does not work with all phone models).

These functions are used to exploit so-called "glitches" in the game. How these "glitches" work exactly, we will not go into detail here.

PS: Just google for it ☝



What is a V.I.P Speeder?


With a so called mod or V.I.P. speeder you have the possibility to manipulate the game. This way you can unlock sets and send or accept cards even though you haven't reached the village level yet.

Known bugs and open questions:

  • Can my account be banned through use?

Yes, this is possible even if we do not have a confirmed case. The use of the mod alone is for CM not controllable, because it runs on the client side. BUT did you have cards in your set, which you should not have according to your village level, this is of course understandable by CM.

  • Are spins given out when you get the last card in the set but haven't reached the village level yet?

No, you will receive this only when the village is reached.

  • Do you get new cards when you open a set with the mod via chest purchase?

No, you will only receive this when the village has been reached. This is because the mod runs on the client side and is not recognised by the CM server.

  • Do the sets stay open when you deactivate the mod?

If you have already received a card, the sets will automatically remain open without having to use the mod.

But note: 

ONLY cards from the gift box can be accepted with the mod activated.

  • Is it possible to get all the cards in advance?

Yes, if you trade them with people who already have them. This function also works for gold cards, as long as gold trade has been added to your account by CM.

  • What does Set Time Limit mean?

When Coinmaster releases new sets, you can use it to bypass the time it takes to activate and immediately see the new sets, including the names of the cards and their rewards, when you reach the complete set.

  • What does date limitation mean?

This makes it possible to send more than 5 cards at the same time without having to change the date. ( Currently reduced to 10 cards per day ).

Unlock cards -> These are provided with a lock, despite unlocking. This is merely an optical error. Normal as well as gold cards are unlocked and can be collected via the gift box.

If you like our work, leave us a Like and/or support our work with a small donation via PayPal!

The use of this mod is at your own risk! We take no responsibility if your account is banned or deleted by using this mod!

Mod 1 Mod 2 Mod 3 Mod 4 Mod 5 Mod 6 Mod 7 Mod 8 Mod 9


Why doesn't the Mod Menu logo appear in the V.I.P. Speeder?


To be able to use the V.I.P. Speeder, you have to activate a so-called overlay display.

Go to the settings and click on the app that wants to create the overlay under Apps. Here you click on "Apps that can be shown at the beginning" or on "Show over other apps". A list of all apps that try to use the floating principle appears.

Now select V.I.P. Speeder here and start it again. Now you should be able to see and use the CM Mod Menu.

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